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Hi, I'm Kieron Quinn, also known as Quinny898. I'm a freelance Android developer, creating applications in my free time around studies, learning as I go

What I do

Android Apps

I've created many Android apps for different purposes, from addons for Hangouts to restaurants nearby

Small Websites

Small websites for businesses make a big difference

Design done properly

Keeping with guidelines and making intuitive user experiences

  • Android Apps

    Through work such as Emoji Installer & Stickers for Hangouts, I've managed to gain a userbase consistently of over 50,000 users

    Combined my applications have almost 400,000 installs, with over ¾ of users averaging a 5 star rating on Google Play

    All of my apps are currently free, some with advertisments, to allow you to get all the features you want for no cost

  • Small Websites

    I currently run the website for a small family business

    Find out more here

PortfolioSome of my work

  • Stickers for Hangouts

    Stickers for Hangouts adds capability for expansion of the sticker function of hangouts, as well as custom doodles and backporting the feature to Android 2.3

    Emoji for Android

    Emoji for Android installs an emoji font on older Android devices that would not normally support the feature, enabling their use for chats!

    Motorway Services

    Motorway Services shows information on service areas in Britain with up to date information from Motorway Services Online

  • Off The Motorway

    Off The Motorway finds alternatives to motorway services, covering most of the UK

About Me

  • Kieron Quinn

    Currently studying for A-levels in the North West of England, working on applications in my free time

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