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Hi, I'm Kieron Quinn, also known as Quinny898. I'm a freelance Android developer, creating applications in my free time around studies, learning as I go

What I do

Android Apps

I've created many Android apps for different purposes, from addons for Hangouts to restaurants nearby

Small Websites

Small websites for businesses make a big difference

Design done properly

Keeping with guidelines and making intuitive user experiences

  • Android Apps

    Through work such as Emoji Installer & Stickers for Hangouts, I've managed to gain a userbase consistently of over 50,000 users

    Combined my applications have almost 400,000 installs, with over ¾ of users averaging a 5 star rating on Google Play

    All of my apps are currently free, some with advertisments, to allow you to get all the features you want for no cost

  • Small Websites

    I currently run the website for a small family business

    Find out more here

PortfolioSome of my work

  • Offered By

    Google Inc


    10 mb

    Google Now

  • Offered By

    Google Inc


    10 mb

    Google Now

About Me

  • Kieron Quinn

    Currently studying Computing at Edge Hill in the North West of England, working on applications in my free time

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