iChrome Customisations

With the news of Chrome Canary now including Google Now, iChrome looks even nicer with an actual Google Now button on the taskbar too

But it’s not perfect, and you can fix that…

iChrome: your homepage, for chrome


1.) Forcing Chrome to use the local files

For anything to work, you must force Chrome to load the extension locally. This can be done as follows:

Open Chrome Menu > Tools > Extensions

Make sure developer mode is enabled

Click “Load Unpacked Extension”

Select the following path:

<User Profile>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\oghkljobbhapacbahlneolfclkniiami\<Latest Version>

Note: “AppData” is a hidden folder, you will need to show hidden folders in Windows Explorer if you haven’t already (Available in View > Options > View (Tab) in any directory in the full explorer)

Press OK and the extension should jump to the top of the list with your selected path. You are now ready

NB: These instructions are based around using Windows, and Notepad++. If you are using something else, take them with a pinch of salt

2.) Changing the homepage

When changing the homepage, you can do the following: Change the tab name, Change the name (replace +Me), Hide the footer

Open your preferred text editor (I’m using Notepad++) and open the same path you used in Chrome, and within there open “index.html”

i.) Changing the tab name:

Search for “<title>”

Replace the text between “<title>” and “</title>” with your own title

ii.) Change the name:

Find and replace is useful here:

Search for all occurrences of “+Me” and replace them with the name of your choice (Doesn’t have to have a +, but looks nicest if it does)

iii.) Hiding the footer

Search for “<div class=”footer”"

Replace the line with the following:

<div style=”display:none”>


Save the file and reload your page, changes should be instantaneous


2.) Setting it as your new tab page, using just the main extension

There’s one main benefit here: You keep it like the Chrome default new tab page, no URL in the bar and no icon in the tab

Open your preferred text editor (I’m using Notepad++) and open the same path you used in Chrome, and within there open “manifest.json”

Before the line containing “key”, make a new line and paste the following:


“chrome_url_overrides”: {
“newtab”: “index.html”


Save the file, and open a new tab, it should be the new tab page now


And that’s it, simple changes that make all the difference


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