Holo Fixer – The Successor of JB Fixer

I think it’s time for this to come out of testing, so here we go:

Holo Fixer – Rid ICS/JB of the Gingerbread parts

What’s so different with this from JB fixer?

Where JB fixer used its own styles to redirect the normal ones to, which meant that it themed the originals to look like ICS, it didn’t actually make them ICS. That’s what Holo Fixer does. It uses over 100 redirections via the Theme Chooser so the old theme (Theme) is redirected to its Holo equivalent (Theme.Holo)

As you’d expect, this causes some issues. Some apps don’t display properly (email me and I’ll try to fix them) and some downright just don’t work (they force close). However, you get a working action bar, and room to theme loads more

The Free Version

In the free version, you get the normal themes (Theme -> Theme.Holo & Theme.Light -> Theme.Holo.Light) redirected, and that’s about it. You can test compatibility with this.

The Full Version

In the full version, you get loads more:

Full redirection of all of the old themes, including compatible widgets and actionbars

Per-app theming, improving the Holo redirection and in some cases already Holo theme in some apps:

  • CatLog
  • Friendcaster for Facebook
  • GooManager
  • Chrome to Phone
  • Sky News
  • RAC Traffic
  • Palringo
  • Aptoide
  • Edmodo
  • WordPress
  • Play Music

Apps with added Holo style icons:

  • Browser
  • Amazon
  • Argos

… and even more, coming soon!

How does it look?

See for yourself:

Note: theme subject to change, apps may not look like this on your device